Posted by: fireweaver | March 13, 2007


ok, i’m back. well, sort of. Vivian did give me a handful of books, so i’d say “damn yooooouuuu!” but i’ve never cursed anyone for giving me books, and i’m not about to start now.

stuff that’s been up lately:

aaah, trashy novels. some of em were actually quite good, most of em were just brief exposition between the sex, color me amused anyway. oddly enough, in yet another example of the snychronicity between our lives, Vi picked up the last book in the series on her way home from a vet conference a couple of weeks ago…about the time *i* was given those books in the same series…and the one she has happens to be one of the few the library didn’t give to me. yay, book-bender increased another day or so.

Vi managed to get police tix in hershey PA, too, so now we all have to decide if it’s an either or both thing. hershey is a much smaller venue, so we’ll be closer, but i really don’t want to forgo my new york trip (being as how it’s just nuts that i’ve never been there living as close as i do). i have a sneaky feeling that everyone is going to decide that budgets are for accountants and other soul-less non-rockers, and we’ll end up doing both shows.

work was actually crazy-busy all last week. knowing that i’m the laziest bastard around, sit down to keep reading: sweet! it was nice to be useful for a complete 40 hours. nothing haywire, no buildings burning down, chimp attacks, or viral snafus, just actual stuff going on all week for everyone.

my certificate of residency from JH showed up in the mail yesterday…7 months after i left there. no worries, it’s mighty fancy, and a.c.moore happened to have a big ol frame sale going on, so now it’s all super-fancy in my office.  i did laugh my butt off to see that i was a resident of “molecular & comparative pathobiology,” even though i thought the rename from “comparative medicine” was clunky & obnoxious as all get-out.  i’m just excited about looking even more important when people come in my office, though i’ve got a long way to go to get anywhere near close to my boss’ impressive collection of certificates.

after meeting Justin up at the senator to go see ‘300‘  (i cheated, back-dated the review for sunday to not make this post go for days), Vi & i went shopping like girls.  man, i really really miss living right around the corner from her.  we had a grand ol time cruising along at the usual haunts AND i managed to find (cheap!) flowy capri-length yoga pants so i have something other than a pair of tights i’m sure Diana is sick of looking at to wear to hooker-dancin’ class.

speaking of which, our trio went on tuesday night to a level one pole class (rather than our usual beginner class) just to try it out…  well, suffice to say that a)none of us are AT ALL quitting our day jobs and b)we are not ready to leave the floor.  oh, no, darlings, this was a baaaad plan.  imagine with me that you are crouched down towards the floor, feet together-ish, knees bent, holding, say, a broom handle horizontally across your lap, with your hands out on the handle about a foot in either direction from your thighs.  got that?  now, mentally flip it up 180.  yeah, as in, one hand just below your hips, one just above your head, and then pull your legs up to crouch around the pole and spin around there.  this did not work so much.  Di & Melissa had markedly more success than i did, but the ginormous bruise across my right shin says i’m not repeating that attempt anytime in the next 75 lbs.

i sent out the invites to this weekend’s party on friday, and as per usual, most people are flying in stealth mode. i *think* a lot of the crew will show, but it’s always a surprise. ya know though, by the time we get around to a complete headcount, i won’t be sober enough to manage anyway.  i pick mom up from the airport thursday night (time for mad housecleaning & dogwashing going on over here in g’burg), and i’m way giddy about that.  nothing better than a houseful of good times, so come on over/down/up and have a tasty mojito with me, people!


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