Posted by: fireweaver | March 17, 2007

weather crises, or tripping with mom

i’m all excited that my mom is in town. apparently, though, whatever god is in charge of weather thinks this is a great time to act cranky.

the past 3 days have been just glorious, with highs in the low 70s, a nice breeze, and plenty of sun. perfect springtime weather. thursday am was the same, clear and sunny and warm, but the temperature dropped 20 degrees between lunchtime and the homeward commute, and a torrential downpour fired up in the evening to boot. her plane came in that night, and was supposed to arrive at 11.30. after getting home from work, i was having a brief snack & **one** book chapter before cleaning the house, when she called to inform me the plane was delayed, and she wouldn’t be getting out of h-town until after 9pm. welllll, that just means that it all turned into a leisurely snack and *finishing* the book before cleaning the house. the plane made it in just fine around 1.15, and we slogged on home through the chilly monsoon to hit the pillows around 3.

today, we got up late and tooled around town through the continuing drizzle. we were heading down to silver spring after brunch to visit the store of one of her favorite food network chefs (cake love, owned by a guy who hosts “sugar rush,” which is all about blowing off being a lawyer to be a pastry chef), when she’s asking me if the little white chunks periodically in the road are ice. naw, i’m thinking, though i had no idea what they were. by the time we left the bakery (lemon swirl amazing, btw. oh, hell, all the little tidbits we got were pretty spectacular), the accumulation of frozen slush on the windshield necessitated me digging out the trusty ol’ ice scraper and forced me to re-assess my diagnosis of the roadside white chunks. goody goody, the rest of the afternoon was dusted in everyone’s favorite “wintry mix” of slushy icy rainy snow. i find the driving delays annoying, mom sees only the tiny accumulation of white along the roadside. she’s **giddy** the whole way home that she actually got to see snow. “this,” i say, “does not count as snow.”  my declaration doesn’t make any impact at all, and she spent part of the homebound trip on the phone excitedly describing the scenery as “just like a christmas card” to her best friend back home.

we headed home and got dressed up to go to pazo with the crew tonight, and by the time we were ready to leave, i had to go unearth the car again. “*now* it counts as snow.” the roads were super crappy the whole way in, but we managed to all arrive non-dead, so life is good. i think the music was too loud for mom, but the food there is always wonderful, and a fun time was had by all. the skies and roads were clear for the home trip, and now the two of us are safe and sound at home, and the celestial master plan is finally made clear to me: all the snow just serves to cover up the dog poo i didn’t have time to clear out of the itty bitty backyard before saturday’s party. thanks for the save, god, you rock.


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