Posted by: fireweaver | March 20, 2007

just adorable

life has been just fun and cute the past couple of days.  kind of nice, really, given all the hatin’ going on in the world, for there to be a passel of adorability going on with things.

first off, let me just say, my mom is totally adorable.  apparently, at the party saturday, she was busting out all sorts of hilariously embarrassing tales of my childhood to various army buddies.  apparently, some of these tales involved my 2 year old self’s potty training.  eh, whatevers, i was pleasantly inebriated enough to miss that part anyway.

mom also found the snow to be super fantastic.  yes, kiddos, snow in late march.  the weather was up in the sunny clear 70s for a few days, and then the day she flew in, *blammo*, temp drops 20+ degrees and rains like the great flood.  sleet following the next day.  through it all, she thought god had planned the weather just for her.  “you know i can’t take this cold,” she tells me, “and i just don’t know how you manage to live up here.  but i’ve never seen snow, so it must have gotten cold again just for me!”  she was taking pics of the icicles hanging off the water meter and snow dusting the back yard for her friend back home.  “she’s so jealous!!”

for the party invites i’d e-sent, i’d mentioned that nothing was required unless someone felt a very pressing need to create sweets or multi-layered dips.  Cary did bring her fantastic bazillion-layer dip (sans olives, thanks), and Jean brought some of TJ’s hummus, but the highlight of the table was the incredible cake-nanza.  mom made both flan and a (possibly illegal it was so dense and delicious) pound cake, and at least 4 other cakes showed up throughout the evening.  one of which, from my tech-buddy Tammy, was a really good lemon cake that had been decorated by her guitarist husband (“he’s so kid-rock-esque” says Di).  “guys, seriously, i have to ask, what exactly is that over there in the corner of the cake, next to the very cutely iced-on wine glasses?”  “that,” says Randy, “is vampire fangs.”  most adorable birthday cake evah.

i headed off to iron bridge tonight for their monticello wine dinner that Di & co had very generously bought for my big 3-0.   the menus at our table were printed “happy birthday michelle!!!”

warm & fuzzy doesn’t even start.  smooches & love for everyone!



  1. […] just adorable […]

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY *belated* BIRTHDAY!! Wish I could have been there to celebrate! I do have to come visit you sometime…

    Welcome to the big 3-0 club! 🙂 Are we supposed to feel like “grown-ups” yet?

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