Posted by: fireweaver | March 26, 2007


this past friday, sci-fi was running a mini-marathon of ‘the dresden files‘, i guess as kind of catch-up if you’ve missed a few & want to start in on the show. Vivian has been as big a fan of the books as i am, so i emailed her mid-week to see if she wanted to come have a tv party after she escaped work. she thought that was a super plan, and furthermore, Justin’s apparently bored of just cooking for an audience of one, so he wanted to know if he could use my kitchen to make us dinner. what, i loaf around on the couch watching tv while some guy slaves away over the stove for me? how could you say no to that?

they rolled on over, Vi settled into the couch with me, and we got to some tv critique. i like the show better than i did at first viewing. i think it’s going to get stronger once it settles into the rhythm of thing, and once i get better at mentally divorcing the show from the books (minor cosmetic differences no biggie at all of course, but major philosophical splits from the book univere are still kind of jarring). meanwhile, my kitchen started smelling *really good*, and i determined that we really needed some wine in the interim. they told me they’d brought some with them, but i protested with “no, no, you’re already cooking for me, no need to drink up all your booze too, just grab something off my shelf here.” we picked out a ’98 rioja riserva that i’d been saving up to share with someone good, only to find it sadly corked to hell. Vivian then informs me that “Don said the one we brought will go really well with steaks,” and i promptly shut up. her boss is a wine aficionado on a much higher financial plane than i’m hoping to achieve in this decade, and i’ve been the extremely happy recipient of a glass here and there of some very nice things he’s given Beth & George for holidays/etc. Vi pulls out a champagne-shaped bottle and reading the label says, “is Turley any good?” i giggle like a retarded gollum (sadly, i am not making this up) while cradling the bottle ever so happily.

f’ing. Turley. zinfandel.

it’s legendary. every time we roll on in to iron bridge, Di & co ask the owner if he’s been able to snag them some yet, and thus far the answer is no. apparently, it’s not sold outside of CA, and you have to put your name on the list to be part of the lottery to get some when it’s released, and they tell you how many cases you’ll be buying.

yes, it really was that good.

as we sat around basking in the tastiness (and mocking the lead actor’s poofy collagen’ed looking mouth), Justin hands us each a plate piled with filet mignon & port wine reduction, asparagus & bernaise, and baby red potatoes. he gets an A+ for mad kitchen skillz. i’m inviting people over to watch tv more often.

it was of course late when all was over, so they camped out in the basement guest room. saturday, we brunched (we finally started making a dent in the post-party cheese overstock) then went out shopping for a bit, and finally ended up at woomi garden for dinner. it was a place Vi’s cousin had recommended in the area for korean bbq, and, well, he apparently knows his asian food. it was kind of like fondue, in that you get a couple of orders of various stuff (shitake mushrooms & beef in this case) and toss ’em onto a cooking surface in the middle of the table that everyone then picks out of. instead of a pot of boiling liquid, though, this cooking surface was a slightly domed perforated metal plate with a gas burner underneath, and the waitress came by every so often to flip & stir things for us, turning the burner to low when it was all cooked through.  after the aggressive coaching i got last time the crew ended up eating sushi, i was in fact capable of using chopsticks whilst sober (yay!), though my death-grip on the lower one did leave charming red indentations all along my thumb.

on the way home, surprise!  we discovered wheaton has a han ah reum, so of course we had to swing on in.  big packs of wonderful smelling strawberries on sale for 99 cents!  whee!  of course, we ended up home late again, and they ended up crashing out again, after watching random music videos and some eps of ‘robot chicken’.

sunday am, after breakfast, they were packing up the car with purchases to haul home, and Vivian comments that this weekend was like a little mini-vacation, without airport hassle.  and yeah, she was right, me too.  with all of sunday to recuperate, i was even ready for work today.  fun times, fun times.


  1. your friend can come cook for me any time ! That sounds fabulous.

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