Posted by: fireweaver | March 28, 2007


check it out!  today, i became a right-wing jeeebus-y fundamentalist having been convinced of my folly by the instructional images of god’s true soldiers!

came across a pair of vids today to *prove* the existence of god:   one informs us that because jars of pasteurized peanut butter from the grocery store have never spawned new life, then obviously evolution has been concretely disproved.  the second is a gay porn recruitment piece thing about how since bananas fit right in your hand, god must have designed ’em that way.  god must have just been having a laugh when he designed coconuts, right?



  1. Oh the stupid. The stupid it BURNS so damn bad that I think I ruptured something with the sobs.

    So, thank GOD these guys were here to remind me the next time I’m doubting to LOOK TO THE PEANUT BUTTER for my answers. Thank GOD. Really.

    But what I really wanna know is that since the banana is the atheist’s nightmare because it proves that God exists making this perfect edible food (which I happen to be allergic to, thankeeverymuch GOD) and it’s also perfect for monkeys, that makes us monkeys right? So if it’s the atheist’s nightmare, it’s the creationist’s nightmare too? And does that make God an evolutionist? But if not does that just make us creationist monkeys?

  2. I had to make my co-workers come in and watch this. It makes me sad to think that someone is watching this and going…. yeah, this totally disproves evolution. Thank you peanut butter… thank you.

  3. […] which is to say, if you’re full of crazy talk (i’m talking to you, young earth creationists), then we think the whole kit & kaboodle is crazy. since you can’t pick and choose when you’re going to decide god is infallible or not, if they tell us something provably wrong, they’ve lost us for anything else.  though if it all made sense all the time, we’d loose plenty of priceless little gems of hilarity. […]

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