Posted by: fireweaver | March 29, 2007

“the urban hunt”

continuing my apparent tradition for the week of this being a link farm, i bring you this essay published back in september in the stranger. going along the theories that a) you never can be too prepared for the epic tragedy that will halt all flow of groceries into your big city and b) your city is probably choked with a bunch of unwanted or invasive pest animals and c) they’re edible, this guy tells a tale of his attempts to kill and eat various creatures around the greater seattle area. it’s exactly as macabre as it sounds, including vague outlines for recipes (added to the rabbit dish, “since i’m feeling sinister, carrots”). it’s also an examination of sorts of the morality of factory farming and the squeamishness of the average american who thinks the entirety of the supply chain is that steaks come from grocery stores.

i don’t agree with hunting as recreation. with deep apology for offense to Suz, who does in fact perform such things in an unwasteful and ecologically sound manner, i just have serious moral issues with killing things as a form of entertainment (feel free to blame my dad for that). conversely, my pal Becky, otherwise a vegetarian, will only eat meat from animals that have been hunted. part of her reasoning is an objection to modern intensive farming methods, an issue i can sympathize with. i’m still convinced that routine slaughter practices are far less prone to fuck-upery than some random kid with a gun, and that whole humane euthanasia thing is absolutely critical, IMO. you could say that i’m placing more importance on a clean death than a good life… i feel Becky’s side of the argument a good bit clearer after this article.

could i skin & gut an animal and then turn around and eat it? absolutely. could i shoot it in the head a few times and watch it slowly die before those other steps? kinda grey there…and i hope this doesn’t come up at any point in my lifetime (nuclear holocaust being a bad thing in general). either way, though, i’m recommending leaving the crack rats in b’more off the menu.



  1. Chelle, I have always appreciated how your views on hunting have not clashed with your hunter friends. I think that the appeal of big game hunting for Suz and I is not the entertainment of it, so much as the opportunity to be out of doors and away from home while humanely harvesting tasty low fat and hornone free vittles. I have also begun to enjoy the challenge of waiting for a superb example of the species, but do not consider myself a trophy hunter. People who hunt solely for the trophy disgust me. Lastly, just as a thought, true, good hunters use enough gun and practice so that they can make clean, humane kills.

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