Posted by: fireweaver | April 2, 2007

stops & starts, but mostly just on pause.

ok, so i’ve just been in one of those mental holding patterns for the past week.

woke up last monday with a sore throat. no biggie, started the requisite bombing with echinacea, popped a left-over zyrtec here and there for the minor nasal issues. and it’s just been lingering. i don’t generally have respiratory allergies at all, but i honestly can’t tell if i’m stuck in mild-allergy-limbo or mild-upper respiratory-viral-limbo. i get to sing bass (or at least a real solid tenor) and i’m not achy, but i’m lazy and tired all the time and i’m WAY slacking off on the work-out-get-smaller-ass plan.

on the online dating front, it’s about as annoying, and in the same way. *something* is occasionally going on, but i pretty much can’t tell wtf that something is, and it may be going on, but it’s not going anywhere. we have bozo no.1, who started off things with a charming phone call 6 f’ing weeks ago on valentine’s day (he was a random acquisition off of yahoo messenger), and has since progressed nada. other than the one time he tried to invite himself over to my house to watch movies on a lazy rainy saturday afternoon, about a week after our first phone call (and come on,, i’m just not that flavor of retarded, “c’mon, i’m a good guy” does NOT cut it), he’s not making much in the way of forward momentum. i get random brief, pleasant, non-committal calls from him – last one for about 5 minutes as he was headed into the mall with a friend to shop for said friend’s wife’s birthday – and random text messages at 2 am on the weekends “just saying hi, call me if you’re up.” next, we have bozo no.2, with whom i carried on a couple of pleasant & witty back & forth emails 2 weeks ago. he’d asked if we could meet up somewhere casual (take note, bozo no.1, this is how the game is played) that weekend, and we exchanged numbers. i’d told him i was free for most of the weekend, except friday. so, of course, he calls friday night just as Vi & Justin were showing up. he left a message, i called him back the next day while the 3 of us were out shopping and left him one… and then poof, gone, no e or phone contact since. which brings us finally to bozo no.3, author of a somewhat silly craigslist personals ad requesting a “busty chick” in the very title, but managing to come off as a diamond-in-the-rough in the text of the thing. my note to him was part coaching on exactly *why* that rubs us chicks the wrong way, part wondering if he was otherwise as entertaining as he seemed. he fires back a warm and amusing letter awarding me “best response to my ad ever” status complete with handsome devilishly grinning pic, and says he hopes it wasn’t all just about the coaching. of course i write back…and get another email from him the next day remarking on his disappointment that i haven’t written back. sigh. apparently, he can’t figure out that emails sent to anonymous CL addresses go through CL’s router and magically into your inbox…and subsequent emails from my .com email address (i.e., NOT through the router) get stuck in the spam filter. it’s in the junk bin there, guy, in the junk bin.


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