Posted by: fireweaver | April 6, 2007

report card

apparently, bozo no.1 developed a clue as to procedures rather promptly after that last post.

tuesday, i was out with the gang at iron bridge, and my phone didn’t stop buzzing in my bag the whole time. in the mix of friends calling during those couple of hours (Kara might come up for a visit, yay!), there he was, calling during a weekday at a reasonable hour. color me shocked. we managed to catch up later that night, and in the course of things, i mentioned that i had friday off. “what a good coincidence,” he says, ” i was wondering if you’d like to get together thursday night for some drinks or something.” i told him that’d be fine, and he got back to me the next day with a plan to meet at a place not too terribly far from my office.

he called on his way home from work yesterday, and managed to tempt me with a bottle of wine into meeting at his apartment before we headed over to the bar (yes, kids, i had a “chimp emergency” safety call arranged with my girl Sara). the wine was only so-so, but his couch was comfy, and this guy was quickly pegged as being of ‘non-threatening’ status. all of his billy-bad-ass bluster is pretty much a front, he’s a total teddy bear and reminds me in a lot of ways of Matt, with bonus points for the boyish grin that appears when he drops the act. the bar had a live band that was surprisingly good and a cocktail list to match, so he gets an A for choice of venue. we managed to stake out a spot on a phenomenally cushy leather couch by the fireplace that provided a good view for people-watching. chatting & flirting ensued, and he cracks me up, so overall it was a good evening. he does like to push boundaries quite a bit (e.g., no matter how suave you think you’re being, guy, i’m gonna notice when you “accidentally” brush my boob when reaching for the hand in my lap, and it’s not so classy), but still, overall harmless. he thinks i have a nice ass (ha!).  i had a fun time, i’d see him again.

tale ends there for my peeps who prefer gist-not-details. read on if you like the gories.

question no. 1: what the hell is up with the eat-my-face technique for kissing? the last ***3*** guys i’ve seen have all gone in for this. yes, your bone structure is bigger than mine, which is to say so’s your jaw angle, which is to say you can open up that mouth way wider than i can, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. ok, sure, the enthusiasm is amusing, but for the love of god, back up a bit and show some finesse.

but the real place this date gets downgraded to a B- has to do with that boundary-pushing thing. he’s entirely too goal-oriented. instead of chilling & just enjoying the moment, there’s this undercurrent of “how can i get more” running through all his goings on. which inspires me to come up with (polite) defensive strategies, i.e., causes me to spend too much of my time saying “no.” which adversarially sets us up as sparring partners rather than just partners.  again, the enthusiasm is amusing, but i’m going to like your company a whole lot more if you like mine.  not just my ass.



  1. wow.. this one sounds like he needs coaching. At our age, Chelle, you’d think we’d be done with “teaching” men. At 22, sure you expect to teach some… but not late 20s, early 30s. They seriously should offer guys classes for this stuff. Does he get a second chance ?

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