Posted by: fireweaver | April 9, 2007

cold season

originally, this post was going to be a little “dear powers that be” letter. the cold weather is utterly demoralizing by now, and i’m beyond sick of it. Vivian called saturday am to see how i felt about cherry blossom watching, this past weekend being peak bloom time. since the high that day was suposed to be only 35, and since my car was dusted with yet another half-inch of snow, that plan didn’t work out. and like i’ve been saying, both my houseplants and the tortoise really really need to get outside.

when i got home last night, i bundled up the clothes and headed down into the basement to start a couple of loads of laundry. generally, when i flick on the lights and start moving around in the laundry room, Atlas starts stirring up the hay himself. this time, it was quiet. the only thing i can think of is that this winter has dragged on for nearly 2 months too long, and his fat stores (since sulcatas are not supposed to hibernate in the first place) just weren’t heavy enough to get him through a half a year.

now i’m up to 3 unexpected, unexplained deaths in my cold-blooded pets.  Jason (county water quality issues??) just a few months after moving in to the new office, Morrolan (*no* idea, fine when i left, gone when i came home) over the xmas holiday, and now Atlas, who was trucking along as usual during the party just a couple of weeks ago.  Luna ate with no hesitation this morning, and the angelfish all look fine, but now, obviously, i’m not reassured as to anyone’s state of health.

so, powers that be, it’s been cold enough.



  1. I am sorry to hear about Atlas. He was the only tortoise I have ever known (meaning I have hung out with him on more than one occassion). I agree, said weather issues suck. Packed for a wedding a week ahead, weather said 76 and partly cloudy so last Saturday there I was in a speghetti strapped sundress with snowfalling on me at a friend’s wedding.

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