Posted by: fireweaver | April 9, 2007


if ya’ll will remember, i had a little crisis back before the xmas holiday, in which i had a bad reaction to the smallpox vaccine.  they thought for a while that i had f’ing disseminated vaccinia (sucks), but later decided it was just MRSA (still sucks).  well, as part of the whole follow-up (yes, i’m totally fine, all gone, skin just peachy.  or rather, pale, you get the idea), i had to fill out a form for our insurance’s worker’s comp thing.  lately, my mailbox has been flooded with offers from lawyers to help sue the pants off whoever i’d like to name for my “work-related injury.”  sample text from letter today:  “i am so sorry to hear you injured your skin at work.  please allow me to be of any assistance…”  doooood.  seriously.  is this crap not supposed to be confidential!?  it’s not like it’s some random canvassing of the area with lawyering offers, it’s not even like they got a list somehow of all the MD worker’s comp claimants, but every random lawyer in the state is apparently aware of the exact nature of my little mishap.  what jerk in the MD worker’s comp commission is selling names to private businesses, and is the rest of my medical history going along with it?


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