Posted by: fireweaver | April 11, 2007


a month or two ago, kara gave me the heads-up about a really bizarre hip-hop version of ‘she’s like the wind‘. as in, yes, the old patrick swayze song from ‘dirty dancing’, re-imagined as a electronically beeping hood rat slow dance.

perhaps even more surreal, as i’m driving along in the car today, i get to hear ‘chori chori’, which at first sounded like some bollywood dance-y thing…until it occurred to me that the chorus was oddly familiar. think back to the early 90s, to some white rapper guy named snow doing some reggae rap. ‘informer‘ was possibly one of the worst songs of its time, and the bhangra remake is definitely an improvement. apparently, “a likki boom boom down” works in any language. arash & aneela have a *much* better video though, sort of james bond dances like michael jackson.



  1. I read “hood rat” as “hooded rat” and clicked on your link thinking there was some cute hooded RAT animation thingie.

    I’m so sad now.

    I think I need a nap

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