Posted by: fireweaver | April 16, 2007


like most of the rest of the universe, i’m going to have to make a comment on the VA Tech tragedy today.  people are just uncivilized.  the difference between modern times and the bloody sands of the coliseum is pretty much just the speed of our mode of transportation.

within moments of everything happening, they had a body count posted on the news.  how horrible, for parents and friends of students, to know that something lethally terrible has happened, but not be able to find out if your kin is involved.  there’s going to be a lot of parents/friends terrified through the day and night because they haven’t heard from their one kiddo…who’s spent a long weekend clandestinely with a friend, or just forgot the cell phone in the dorm, or was so busy consoling others on campus that s/he forgot to call home…

more obnoxious than the grim body count -which is a *fact* related to the story, so does have some merit in its telling – is the “top 10” style lists that i’ve seen repeated in every single one of the long-form news articles i’ve read about this today.   this is “the worst mass shooting since kileen” and the “worst campus shooting since the UT sniper,” and of course, columbine gets an honorable mention in these articles as well.  what, we should rejoice that TX no longer has that pair of top slots?  it’s just disturbingly crass to attach the “bigger better faster more” mentality to any senseless loss of life, where “worst” gets translated to “most important.”

and the most crass exploitation so far?  w, of course:

“The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed,” spokeswoman Dana Perino said”

because of course that’s a far more appropriate thing to say than the standard “our heart & prayers go out to the families” thing.  way to stay the course there, you insensitive ass.


  1. A molecule is going to hate you for this – you are making me defend that idiot. The gun issue came up -after- some press nit-wit asked him about it. I think everyone (including shrubya) would have been happy to keep it non political. You know it’s bad when a board that I read which is nearly entirely antigun and rather liberal (clearly I’m not there for the politics) defended shrubya after seeing the whole thing. Sad, indeed, because nothing makes us happier than some Chimpy-hatin’

    See what you made me do? *sighs*

  2. sorry darlin. you can go back to hating chimpy tomorrow.

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