Posted by: fireweaver | April 18, 2007


i got a phone call this evening from my buddy Larry, to get the “final” update on the saga with his love life (she’s been wishy-washy for *months* with some broken-hearted “i don’t want to get hurt again so i’m not ready to date right now” thing, but now it’s all over).  he blew off the night for board prep to vent at me over the past 3 hours.

don’t you just love friends like that?  the ones that you can just blather with for days?  i feel bad for him, though, he really liked this girl.

this, of course, necessitated an update into my own thrilling adventures in the dating pool…  the guy i went out with 2 weeks ago waited the de rigeur 2 days before calling, because apparently, that’s the game we’re playing here.  i was out & about at the time (saturday evening, after all), so he left a message, and when i called him back the next day it was my turn to talk to voice mail.  his return in the game of phone tag?  yep, kids, he’s regressed to the goofy late-night-on-a-worknight thing, and i’m just not answering the phone at 11p unless we’re that kind of friends (and let’s face it peeps, there’s ONE reason a guy is calling a chick that late on his way home from other adventures, and he and i are REALLY not that kind of friends).  and then cheeping crickets.  right about the time i wrote him off, he calls up monday and asks if i want to get together this thursday.  what’s with thursdays, i’m thinking, am i not up to being the saturday night girl?  ha!  but whatever, keeping it casual is just fine with me, and he says he’ll call back this week with the master plan.  and now it’s past my bedtime on wednesday, and i have alterna-plans for tomorrow, so pfft.  🙄


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