Posted by: fireweaver | April 19, 2007


one of my girls at work tipped me off today about the “pyrate invasion” of fells point coming up in a couple of weeks. this sounds like a grand plan: everybody dress up like a pirate and go get your drink on. maybe we can proselytize about his noodly appendage while we’re at it.

on the way home from hooker-dancin’ tonight, Amanda (the instigator of this hilarity) and i were discussing the costumery aspects of the event. obviously, going sans costume to this sort of thing is totally unacceptable, making you the worst sort of tourist. she was worried about her current garb all being too ren-fest and not enough pirate-modifiable. “no prob,” i say, “it’s time to hit the dollar-a-yard pile at walmart, being as how pirates are not exactly known for their super stylish fashion sense.” we found her a nice blue & green brocade, and i’ll draft a pattern for a corset-style thing based off the one i did for a highland costume a few years back. while the $1 section had no treasures for me, lo! there was a fantastic find over in the regular fabric: pvc/vinyl/polyester in a rich chocolate brown, with a rococo vine & flower pattern in a very thin black line all over it . most of the time, faux leather looks really crappy (there was a version of this same fabric in a paler tan that made the vines stand out much clearer and ended up making the whole thing just look like cloth), but this stuff actually looks like tooled leather. after the move and re-settling last year, i just didn’t muster up the energy to bust out a new costume for either halloween or the faire. apparently, now, i’m all over that funk and ready to sew like the wind. yay, new project!



  1. FYI:
    1) I hear walmart is phazing out it’s fabrics
    2) A bunch of hancocks are closing down due to ch. 11 filing. Maybe one near you is and you can hit them for clearance goodies?

  2. oh. mah. gawd. no fabric at wm AND no hancocks?! wtf?! where will we all get our crafty fix?!

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