Posted by: fireweaver | April 29, 2007

pirate takeover (sort of)

yesterday was the big “pirate invasion of fells point,” which was both exactly as hilarious as expected, and a little disappointing anyway.

after the kids’ stuff going on in the am, the adults were supposed to meet up around 4 to get on a boat, sail on over, and storm the point.  as fast as i’m capable of setting grommets, i knew there was no way in hell we’d be able to make it that early, and besides, i’m more of a go out drinking in the evening sort of girl.  Amanda (whose new costume bit had significantly fewer grommets) said the piracy was highly amusing.  after coordinating with 4 little groups of people – and Amanda’s already-present crew – we managed to head on down there, find some parking, and stroll around dressed like crazy people.  there were indeed numerous wackos who really went all-out on their costuming.  very few people did the half-ass thing with a ‘do-rag + regular street clothes, etc.  it was apparently an all-or-nothing sort of venture, which makes no sense to me, being as how pirate gear is the easiest costume to cobble together out of stuff you have laying around the house.  my initial assessment to the crew, that the period-police wouldn’t really need to be busting anyone for inappropriate costuming, was dead wrong.  oddly enough, **plenty** of people just showed up in their ren faire gear, and ya know, musketeers and pirates are SO not the same thing.

so we did in fact have a fun time.  the comedic high point of the evening was meeting up with Amanda’s boyfriend, who told everyone he was “Captain Jewbeard!!” and had made a sizeable jolly roger with a yarmulke.  it was hilarious to have all the normals laughing and shouting “aargh!” when we passed by (except for the blind-drunk chick hanging out of her girlfriend’s ginormous suv, who quickly slipped from faux-pirate speak to bad british “g’day sir!” (Justin says, “umm, lady, it’s not daytime.”) to worse hollywood transylvania “good evening, i vant to suck ya bluud!”).  but there were just too many normals to really really get into it.  in a couple of the bars, we were the only crazy bastards, so overall, not quite enough of a critical mass effect to launch that sense of community you have when you go to the faire in costume.

but yeah, we looked pretty good.  beth was the only one clever enough to remember her camera; pics will be up when i get ’em from her.

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