Posted by: fireweaver | May 1, 2007


my company resides in 3 different buildings, 2 right close to one another (one mostly admin and one animal facility) and the last one about 15 minutes south and on the other side of the highway.  at one point we only had the use of a little more than half the space in that south building, but we’ve taken over everything, renovated, expanded, and got in the first batches of animals for that part last week.  it’s way too much for the one vet there to do on her own, and so i’ve been splitting my time, with 2 days a week there to help out.  my boss had asked me a little over a month ago to transfer to that building full time, once the new vet we’ve hired gets here later this month.  after a week of pondering – it’s double the commute, but there’s so much more stuff for me to do there – i decided to go on ahead.

as soon as i did, the crew at the current office building started up with “no!  we’ll miss you too much!”  *people!*  tell me this *before* i agree to leave!  so of course, soon as i’d decided to go ahead, i regretted deciding that way.

this am i was headed down there, and the traffic was killer.  i stormed into the building ranting about how days like this are why i didn’t want to switch offices in the first place.   but as soon as i got changed into scrubs and found all my techs in the treatment lab area, i got 4 cases thrown at me, and was promptly kept all kinds of busy straight through lunchtime.  easily the most productive and useful-feeling day i’ve had in a long time.  OH, i’m thinking, THAT’S why i was switching up…job satisfaction.  gotcha.


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