Posted by: fireweaver | May 2, 2007

duck dicks

in yet another example of how science is cool, and how biology trumps the hell out of any other science you want to play against, an article posted today in the NY times tells us all about one woman’s adventures in the exciting world of waterfowl phalluses.

apparently, a female duck will pair up exclusively with one male for the mating season, but other ducky bastards will show up and try to get some action too.  as a result, the girls evolve longer and more twisted oviducts as a way to reproductively combat the rapist interlopers.  i’ve got to go look up her published papers to see if there are more/better pictures, but the story is just great.

i love that somebody can get funded for this.  and she’s *set* on cocktail-party stories for life.



  1. There was a research group down the hall from me at UT studying the “deviant sexual mating behavior” of the north american quail. Basically they painted a decoy quail to look less and less quail like, then threw it in with the male quail to see if they’d try to mate with it. Grant money is wonderful isn’t it ?

  2. This article was in the Houston Chronicle. Awesome.

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