Posted by: fireweaver | May 5, 2007


if it wasn’t all procrastinatey, it wouldn’t be me, right?

after a fun evening of cinco de mayo margaritas & sangria w/Candy & JH pals (random aside:  do other countries drink american beer and eat american food on the 4th of july, and just take it as another excuse to party?), i headed home to finish up the last of the housecleaning and the packing.  it’s always amazing how many little things you remember to accomplish while you’re already doing something else…i have no idea why i didn’t remember to pay the monthly bills, vacuum, unload the dishwasher, etc etc until last thing today.  i’m headed off to the ACLAM forum in tucson, so i’ll be incommunicado through wednesday.  it’s now 12.45, and billy joel is going to sing at me in 4 little hours, so goodnight, and catch you in a couple of days.



  1. To be fair, we don’t use the equivalent of Mexico’s 7/4, which would be Dieciseis de Septiembre. My coworkers mock me endlessly for my white american butt during Cinco De Mayo (even though *I* know better) because apparently Mexicans think it’s way silly to be celebrating that day and don’t understand why in the world “we” picked that day to do it.

    Go fig. It’d be more like if the entire country of Mexico drank crappy bud lite on something like.. I dunno.. The anniversary of Gettysburg?

    BTW, totally jealous of your sojourn to Tucson, but you knew that already.

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