Posted by: fireweaver | May 11, 2007

i’m back

the trip to AZ was just super.  the only sad parts about the whole thing were a)Lynn wasn’t able to go (that was the suckiest bit, really), and b)i have this weird tendency to plan conference trips like they’re work instead of like they’re fun.  i have NO idea why on earth i flew out the day the conf started and then returned the day it ended.  why oh why didn’t i tack on a weekend at the hoity-toity resort that i’d be otherwise unable to afford??

we were camping out at the loews resort on the outskirts of tucson,  and, well, WOW.  the bathroom was ginormous.  we could have literally stashed 4 people at a time in the bathtub (and if it’d had jacuzzi jets and we’d had a nice bottle to share, that would have been a capital plan).  there was a little flat-panel tv and a phone in the bathroom, i guess for all those important conference calls whilst wet & naked and watching seinfeld.  there was a spacious patio that opened up onto the cactusy native fauna gardens…apparently, the hotel architects didn’t want to disturb any of the existing plants, so there’s a lot of really nice old-growth saguaro all around the place.  the beds were all cooshy, super crisp hotel sheets, and down pillows galore (4 for each bed! didn’t even have to request a spare!).  and rooming with Patty is always a blast.  pics of the whole thing will be up as soon as i get around to unloading the camera.

the conference itself was also really good.  i’ve sat through a good double handful of fish & xenopus disease presentations, but this pair easily took the cake.  best part was the pm session on the first day which was all about “challenging dogma” in the industry…good to actually sit around and THINK why we put on all the gowns & shoe covers & do-rags & lab coats, and whether or not they’re actually needed in the facility.   and of course, it’s always good to network.  it was amazing (and really reassuring) how many interested parties took time to chat with Patty after she’d handed off a couple of resumes.

so it was a good trip, well worth the crazy packing until after midnight.  the plane home was **packed** with little kids, and it was a long flight, so that part did suck.  highlight: the v.v.young mom sitting right next to me, who’s infant was adept at making 80db 5khz shrieks, asking as we landed “i hope we didn’t bug you too much.”  glare.

i get home to a dog that doesn’t particularly notice i’ve been gone, my housesitter is that fantastic.  since i made it back with nary a sunburn, all in all, it was a super time.

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