Posted by: fireweaver | May 13, 2007

running around

my plane came back in late wednesday night, so in addition to unwinding from west-coast time back to east, there was cramming in 2 busy days worth of stuff (chimp endoscopy, rounds at another building, seminar, yellow fever vaccination, sassin’ people about office furniture being put together, bla bla bla).

friday night, did i go home and chill? oh, no, darlins, fridays are half-price hooker dancing classes, and after a half-week of too rich diet and gallons of margaritas, i needed to go shake that thing (polaroid picture or jello, discuss amongst yourselves).

so saturday was the day to chill? oh, no, saturday we had the company picnic. of course, they weren’t serving lunch ’till 1.30, leaving plenty of time for Jean & i to go hit a pair of wine tastings…the second of which was a big one at fine wine, involving a good handful of distributors and 15 or so bottles. the mellowness acquired made it almost bearable that the only booze to be had at the picnic was an on-tap white zinfandel. bearable that it was there, NOT bearable to drink, and yes, i checked, 8.5 on a 1-to-10 vileness scale. afterwards, a couple of people were ending up at a brewery not too far from my house, and i got to meet some friends-of-friends that live a mere 5 minutes from me. they’re a hilarious couple (she’s all science-y & witty, he has NO filter between his id & his mouth), and any opportunity to acquire another wine-tasting sidekick is A++. later on, we headed off to a bar in bethesda where a snippy little bitch of a waitress deigned to serve us some beer (ok, yes, the boys were a bit obnoxious by the end, but still). the f-o-f called *her* friends, and lo! a charming kentucky-ian transplant blonde appeared to amuse us. not only was he single, hot, and actually in my age range, but also a big science nerd w/excellent cologne to boot. oh, and his p.i. does some projects at my company, so there is an actual chance of future meetings.

today, then, was the designated day of chilling. i even stayed in bed reading for an hour so i could claim to have not gotten out of bed until 10. rounds of computer games and catching up on my email filled the rest of the am. yahoo messenger was open, and *pop* appeared some random guy that ended up being relatively decent. we had a nice phone call, and then i was off to run some errands, both because i was on the last rolls of tp in the whole house and because the day was *perfect* for driving around with the windows down. when i got done at walmart, i gave him a call back, and he suggested the local b&n as a meeting place. after reminding him that it would take me a good 20+ minutes for me to get there, so as to not think he’d been stood up, he said he’d chill at his place for 10 minutes or so before heading out. i ended up cooling my heels in the bookstore for about 45 minutes (aided expertly by a tanya huff short story collection i’d been wanting to read and by an invite to test drive the new grill at Di’s house) before leaving him a terse message about calling in the advent of flaking out. just as i was pulling into Di’s neighborhood, there he was on my phone: apparently those 10 minutes turned into a couple hours’ worth of napping. i thought this was hilarious, he thought this was utterly embarrassing, and his profuse apologies snagged him a rain-check for tomorrow.


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