Posted by: fireweaver | May 15, 2007

confusion, communication?

ok, that’s it. obviously, i just don’t *get* boys at all. total f’ing mystery. and they say chicks are the crazy ones, oh, no, buster, it’s readily apparent we’re ALL nuts.

so, sunday, a random guy pops up via im (see previous post). 35, non-smoker, employed, quick-witted, doesn’t need to wear a paper bag: all the basics checked off. no, he’s not “too good to be true” perfect (kids & the ex stashed in the past somewhere), but i’m interested. after a refreshingly adult phone call (there’s been a surplus of childish assholes swarming around of late), i’m intrigued as well. the thing where he accidentally napped through our impromptu meeting later that day was funny once he explained what had happened, and his profuse self-deprecating apologies folded up any red flags that had been raised over the incident. “i’d love to make it up to you,” he says, “can i call you tomorrow, and maybe we can get together?”

monday came & went sans calling. but i did get to remember exactly how much i love ‘time bandits‘. aaaah, Terry Gilliam, go back off the deep end, cuz we love that.

today, rather than be annoyed over the situation, i just f’ing call. “hey there, what day was it that you were planning on calling me?” “oh hey! today! what’s up?” and on ensued an hour-long chat that was, once again, utterly pleasant. i stop laughing only about long enough to drop my own hilarity-bombs, as we veer all over the place from asian markets to collecting diplomas to apocryphal tales of embarassing accidental poop crises. apparently, the two of us really click. he seems to think so too, “wow, obviously we have this big intellectual attraction, i wonder if it’ll work out in person?” eventually, he says he has to go cook dinner, being as how it’s all thawed & marinated and ready to go, and says, “how ’bout if i call you later, and we can get together for coffee or something?” which is of course just fine with me.

time, and my own dinner, goes right on by. the phone call just before 9 was my mom doing a brief “hi i was thinking about you.” when the phone rang again at 9.15, i was annoyed at the timing. in the middle of ‘house‘, here, and it’s a new episode, and too damn late to go out anyway…oh, nevermind, it was Alesha asking directions to the really good vietnamese restaurant in belvedere square.

so now it’s bedtime, and once more, i ain’t got nuthin’. if this were a chapter of ‘he’s just not that into you’, well, we all know what the answer would be. 😕 this guy just doesn’t come off like a playboy, or like someone just trying to stroke his own ego. besides, he’s doing all this unrequited asking on his own; i’ve been burnt/annoyed too frequently to offer any active encouragement at this stage in the game, much less hint at meeting up asap. maybe i’m overinterpreting and “later” means later in the week or later in life, not later tonight.

alrighty, then, if anyone has a guy-to-chick guide, fork it over, since obviously my translation skills just aren’t what i thought they were.



  1. I definitely wouldn’t initiate anymore. The ball’s in his court now. I hope it works out ! Keep us updated!

  2. I think he meant later as in later next week, or as soon as the football season is over. haha men are… well, they’re men. All those things they say about men maturing later than women are very true– in fact, some don’t mature at all! Anyways, don’t cave in. Don’t call him; if he’s really interested, he’ll call; if not, then he’s not; and if he expects you to call him, then he’s a lost cause.

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