Posted by: fireweaver | May 21, 2007

recovering from the weekend

i was so tempted to call out of work this am, since i could really do with a mental health day. oh, but no, plenty of stuff scheduled for today, so, meh, suck it up. i really need to back off on overscheduling my weekends, since i’m starting to feel run down, but like i said to Melissa on saturday, “if the crappiest thing i have to do is figure out which of the fabulous invitations i want to take in today, may my life always suck like this.”

after regaling him the night before about the joys of laid-back free wine tastings in the area, Larry came over saturday afternoon to help me partake in such fun. we made the whole rounds, hitting all 3 stores in my general area. to his utter amusement, 2 of the stores we hit up carried his super favorite beer from his native new orleans. we had a super fun time, even with him not being so much a big wine drinker (the “bitter beer face” in those commercials a few years ago has nothing on his dry red wine face). after the last one, we walked over to the rio grand cafe for lunch, and ate out on the patio in the cool breezy spring day. while this place didn’t have the rumored cabrito, they did have grilled frog legs & quail, both of which were amazing. they also had pretty damn good sangria-swirled margaritas. the afternoon was rounded out with some loafing on the couch watching ‘clerks‘ while recovering from the day’s mild alcoholic excess.

sunday, i woke up in a weird melancholy mood. maybe the version of a hangover you end up with at 30 is more emotional than physical. i certainly wasn’t drunk by the time i went to bed the night before (well, buzzy when i napped for a few hours on the couch that evening, but quite sober, thanks, by the time i went up to bed), so i haven’t the slightest idea what was wrong with my brain chemistry. my book being thusly unable to fully engage my dented head, i decided that a mindless comedy movie would be in order. of course, all that i have from netflix right now is a pair of deep foreign film dramas…and ‘the sisterhood of the travelling pants‘. obviously, the latter won out, and i settled in with fruit & cheese brunch to enjoy a kiddo chick flick. oh, but no, amigos, this is more like the tween version of ‘the joy luck club‘ than ‘the princess diaries’, what with leukemia and mom’s suicide and misplaced virginity loss. a surprisingly good movie, but damn if i wasn’t bawling like a 3 year old. clearly, it was time to get the hell out of my yoga pants and on out of the house.

i headed over to Amanda’s so we could catch the metro to our first meeting of “the foxy ‘n’ crafty” womens’ crafting group. someone had posted on CL a few weeks back about wanting to start up a stitch ‘n’ bitch-type thing, and i have both a need to meet people outside of the lab animal industry and a need to tackle the endless pile of unfinished projects in my craft room closet, so i was all into this one.   we had a blast. the venue they’d picked out was a cute little coffee lounge downstairs and a bar upstairs. we managed to find some little room off the corner that might have been the ladies’ lounge outside the bathroom, but was roomy and quiet and had good lighting and long comfy couches. everyone else was knitting, with 2 of them being pros and 2 being first time beginners, and me working on a long-stitch canvas that i’d last picked up about 3 years ago. everyone told crafting stories, tales about their moms, fun places they’d lived, and how to hold knitting needles. i was zoning out periodically due to that aforementioned brain chem problem (like i told Amanda on the metro home, it was like my filter was turned off…all the background noise of cars & metro tracks, the smells of peoples’ perfume, the color of the light shining in a window, the texture of a business suit’s cloth were drowning me and it was really hard to pay attention to the basics of conversation. very strange mood i was in all day), which provided an OCD-level of focus on that long-stitch canvas.

i woke up this morning feeling right as rain, but utterly disinterested in doing anything.  and, truth be told, other than the procedures i already had scheduled for the day, not a whole hell of a lot got accomplished.   the rest of the week is pretty packed in (between actual work and packing up the office & moving to the other building), so no chance of mental health days coming up there either, but if i can just hold out for this 3 day weekend, maybe things will relax for a while.



  1. Frog Legs and Quail are required menu items in any good restaurant in the border towns here. And yes, are to die for.

  2. That confirms it. . . There is definately something in the air.

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