Posted by: fireweaver | May 24, 2007

re-start blues

a couple of months ago, my boss asked me to transfer to the building on the south side of town, from the one in north rockville. it’s a longer commute, but in the end, i decided there was a lot more for me to do at that other building…and Lynn can back me up on this one, but feeling useful at work is a very very good thing.

the new vet starts next week, so i needed to have that office all vacated for her this week, which finally set the calendar in motion for when i was going where.

my new office furniture had been sitting in its shipping boxes on the floor of that empty room for a couple of weeks. when i headed over last tuesday for my regularly-scheduled 2/3 day over there, all of the phone & internet service was caput, leaving the techs (and by default, us vets, too) with nothing to do since they couldn’t communicate with the investigators. additionally, some HVAC crisis had all the maintenance boys up on the roof attempting to fix god knows what. i head on down to the machine shop in the basement, and find one lone guy trying to fix some carburator-looking thingy in pieces across his desk. “hi,” i say, “i’m the vet who’s taking over the vacant office upstairs. i need a hammer, a phillips-head screwdriver, a cordless drill, and a set of allen wrenches.”

the man looks at me as though a basilisk in capri pants and a ponytail has set down in his office.

“uh, oh, uh, no you don’t have to do that! i’ll get one of the guys to come start putting your stuff together right away!”

“don’t we have a major HVAC repair going on? why don’t you keep my monkeys breathing and i’ll slap together a desk. if i can figure out ikea, i can figure out this stuff.”

and lo, it was so.  i got a bit more than half done, and something about doing it myself lit a fire under maintenance’s collective butt, since it was all completed by the end of last week.

first load of stuff, just the folders of paperwork and the texts, went over on tuesday.  but yesterday after work, i packed up the last of the decor into my car to take in with me today.

there’s something incredibly sad about taking a copy-paper box full of your diplomas & pens & knick-nacks out the door and into your car.  i felt like i was getting fired, not like i was moving down the street.

everything got unpacked in my new office today.  it’s definitely a much larger space, since my pictures don’t nearly fill up the walls.  there’s a spacious shiny new “natural cherry” desk with attached peninsula table, a pair of book cases that aren’t filled with the detritus of previous office tenants, and a hunter green leather chair, all picked by me.   i like it a lot.  now i just wonder how long it will take for me to stop feeling like a kid trying on dad’s suit again.


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