Posted by: fireweaver | May 28, 2007

music smackdown

Bruce came by for lunch yesterday, and while we were driving around running errands in prep for Beth & George’s bbq today, we got in an old familiar argument about music.

‘even better than the real thing’ was on the radio at one point, and though i know it goes against the grain, i have to say that ‘achtung baby‘ was U2’s best album. Bruce vehemently disagreed, preferring ‘october’, “before they got all on that we’re the best thing in the world crap.” the whole thing inevitably devolves into a proclamation on his part that nothing will ever rival THE GREATS, and an argument on my part that the stones & beatles are like ‘citizen kane’: the only reason it’s any good is because it’s influential, but it’s all boring as hell now.

fortunately, we both feel the need to change the channel when green day shows up, and fred was playing their “essentials of alt rock” that they update (huh? nothing new being added into the old-school new wave oevure, so updates?) every year, so there were better things to agree on.

i’m still going to say that whatever was playing when you were in hs/college, i.e., your late teens, is what will always stick with you as being the best stuff ever. right as you hit that point where you think you’re old enough to know what’s going on in the world, old enough to “want to know what love is” or ask “how soon is now”, but still so young that you’re not yet as sophisticatedly jaded as you think you are. you never again love with that romeo & juliet abandon that lets your favorite 4 minutes and 30 seconds off the radio burn its way into your soul with no more conscious decision on your part than when you decide that you like ice cream. about the time you gain perspective on the whole landscape of modern music, some tiny part has become a critic, and love is no more a simple matter of taste = devotion, but of a more calculated “quality” = bad or good.

perhaps it’s true for all art forms as well, but nothing defines our time period quite so much as our individual soundtracks.

at the bbq today, somehow a few of us ended up in George’s lovely basement bar listening to the tail end of that fred broadcast, Bruce & i playing a “name that tune” race to see who could identify things quickest.  everybody flowing into the area (which, being as how that’s where the keg and the blender were, was plenty of people) was quizzed with, “what’s your favorite 3 things on the radio right now?”  there was a mix of people, from the teen daughter to her “only the classic rock station” dad, so we got plenty of answers.  samples, in absolutely no order:

crazy, shatner’s version of common people, grace kelly, rehab, thnks fr th mmrs, cupid’s chokehold, cheer it on, dashboard, hey there delilah, and (a song Cary really liked, working on that one).   Brian says that radiohead gets a permanent honorable mention, Bruce adds that ‘neon bible‘ does not live up to the hype.

so, everyone jump in and share your fave 3 too.



  1. Rolling Stones: Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Midnight Rambler. Sympathy for the Devil. Gimme Shelter. Before They Make Me Run. Brown Sugar.

  2. darla, darla, darla, you’re not listening here. fave 3 things on the radio **right now**. as in, “only the classic rock station” dad didn’t get to contribute. if the evolution of music didn’t stop at Beethoven, it doesn’t stop at jagger, either.

  3. […] of us had left food behind for chatter (antiques shopping, wacky client tales, a renewal of the pop music rankings from Beth’s memorial day bbq), Jane took us all over to meet her horses.  she has 3 thoroughbred mares with a foal each in the […]

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