Posted by: fireweaver | May 30, 2007

your inner chuck-e-cheese kid

last night (tuesday) was our army buddy Larry’s birthday, so a double handful of his friends met up at dave & busters to have a drink & take his challenge at the little horse race game.  i haven’t been to a d&b since houston, but damn if the place doesn’t bring out your inner 3 year old.  well, if your inner kid is a drunk, anyway.

while snacking at the table before heading off to the races, i was sucking down something they called a snow cone.  it was, in fact, watermelon-cherry fruity and poured over shaved ice, with the top half blue and the bottom red.  drunken kiddo engaged, it was time to go top off the game card (whatever devil came up with the brilliant idea to have you just swipe a little card to play games instead of toss quarters in definitely earned his kingdom in hell) and go play.

while most of us girls were being very gender-typey with the fruity mixed drinks, the guys were all carting around head-sized mugs of beer.  after a couple of these and a couple of rounds of horse-race-skee-ball, Larry was running through the aisles shouting, “i’m 15!!!”

after a little bit of vulturing around the game console, the quartet of guys taking up the center headed off to something else, and left us the entire bank of 8 seats in the racecar game.  it was round about this point that the fact that Larry was the only one that knew all of us became utterly immaterial.  in the heat of tearing around laps of the imaginary race track, crashing into each other, shouting out taunts and curses, everybody was friends.  i think we took up that wall of video screens & steering chairs for at least 3 games.  just when i was really getting the hang of it (considering my handicap of picking the automatic transmission faux car due to my utter lack of manual shift skillz) and was jockeying between 1st and 2nd, Todd came up out of nowhere, flipped my f’ing car over with a big crash, and knocked me back to a 4th place finish.  “you bastard!!!”  p.s.:  after several rounds of various race car games, getting in your actual car to drive home is a really surreal experience.  thankfully one that involved less crashing & rolling than the e version.

Larry’s people were a super fun bunch, and we definitely have to do that again soon.  there was a super fun chick who lives in his condo building that shared a d&b card with me like we were old girlfriends, a sassy firecracker that was ready to beat Larry’s ass over a practical joke the day before (that involved Todd pretending to be a cop on the phone, informing her that Larry had been arrested for breaking into their apartment…she’d asked him to go over and let the dog out that day), an adorable computer geek that looked to be about 16 and had fun stories about building (actual) racecars on the side, and Larry’s new girlfriend (she’s all kinds of cute and really sweet).  fun times, well worth the pain of the alarm clock early this am.


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