Posted by: fireweaver | June 10, 2007

more with the 50/50

so, yeah, basically the same update as last week, which is to say, not much going on.  or, rather, not much going on that makes for amusing reading, or that i’ll want to mentally archive for laters, but that amounts to pretty much the same thing, no?

work has been crazy busy all this past week, reminding me firmly of why i’ve moved down to the parklawn office.  dealing with the current ongoing monkey crisis has left my paperwork piling up on the back burner, but at least i’m going home at the end of the day feeling like i accomplished something.  there’s a very good reason that the ancient chinese proverb “may you live in interesting times” was intended as a curse.  on the plus side to balance it out, though, we had our annual reviews this past week, and let me just tell you the level of warm fuzzies you get from your boss telling you that you’re not a complete moron.  it’s a level that will help pay off my choking credit card debt, anyway, so fuzzy on.

mr. MIA called again around the middle of the week, around 2.30pm.  mentions nothing like “sorry i blew you off yet again” or “hey, long time no talk” or even for the love of jeebus “hi”, oh no, goes straight for “are you busy?”  umm, are you fucking kidding me??  since i didn’t recognize the number by this time, the only answer i could come up with is “ah, who is this??”  “oh, um, is this michelle?”  “yeah, guy, i know who i am, but who are you?”  “oh, hey, it’s ben.  are you busy?”  “well, being as how it’s in the middle of the day, yeah i am.”  “i guess i’ll just call you later then.”  “yeah.  right.”  🙄

the balance for that one is that some random guy that fell of the face of the email earth several weeks ago has re-surfaced, and seems relatively normal.  i don’t want to throttle him every time i get something from him in my inbox, so perhaps i’m over my momentary misandry.  updates forthcoming when there’s something worth updating, of course.


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