Posted by: fireweaver | June 19, 2007

words from our sponsors

it’s a little bit ironic that one of the major reasons i stopped watching tv for a few years, the commercials, happens to also (very occasionally) be one of the things i missed about the tube.  as a non-sports kind of chick, really the only reason to watch the superbowl is for the commercials…and it’s a measure of the water-cooler-chat power of the really good ones that i can say something like that and not catch too much crap for it.

once upon a time, there was a website called that served as the repository for all the world’s commercials.  there was an area of the site for international stuff, but the majority of it was the US-based things you’d catch in between parts of ‘seinfeld’, the whole searchable by subject or by the advertised product name.  great way to recap the excellent cat herding commercial after the superbowl with the kids at school the next am.  sadly, the current adcritic is a pay site for professionals, so unless you know exactly what you’re looking for on youtube, it’s hard to get a refresher on the ones that make it worth not changing the channel.

fortunately, slate has a columnist that runs the occasional ad criticism column, and this guy has a talent for spotlighting the most bizarre and comment-worthiest spots.  this week, he’s talking about some anti-pot smoking ads, that are utterly surreal, and pretty much crack me up.  enjoy.


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