Posted by: fireweaver | June 22, 2007

3 random tidbits about today

i was out shopping last weekend, and picked up a pair of shoes on clearance at target.  for $12, i ended up with a snappy little set of nearly 4″ heels that somehow work this magic of making my hella-size-10 feet look all curvy & dainty, up to and including some utterly bizarre tendency to swish my hand like a girly girl whilst walking along.  ever since i bought that super tall pair of leopard-print boots when i was shopping for hooker-dancing workout shoes, i’ve realized a serious love affair with WAY tall heels.  always in the past, i’ve preferred platforms to heels, to get a slightly taller line without caving to the pressure of my own horrible clumsiness (falling down & snapping my ankle in half generally to be seen as a negative outcome).  but ever since those boots, damn if i’m not on the look out for reeeeeely tall shoes that have me on my toes.  drawback: clipping around in those is *not* sexy when hauling stuff out of the grocery store, what with heavy bags making grace & balance a challenge even on flat shoes.

i got around to test-driving the shoes today at work, which was the first calm day there in a while for this week.  there’s been a lot of insanity around the office, mostly centered on when we’re going to be able to launch the electronic med record program.  i was so hoping that without a rodent vet to pull us off into some strange tangent like at the last gig, we’d be able to customize & sort out the program asap…  but no, things are all conflict-y.  i asked a colleague for a knife, after this last meeting, to stab myself in the eyes until it was all over, but was ultimately denied this humanitarian relief.

which is to say, today, when i came home, girl deserved a drinky.  the half glass of grenache/pinot left in the bottle on the coffee table went nicely with my dinner/snack, but wasn’t enough, really, to count.  next thing you know, i’m in the kitchen, shaking up a batch of white russians (+ baileys), most definitely my toxin of choice back in the day before i was a wino.   aaaaaaah, yummy.  oh, caucasian-in-a-glass, why ever did i abandon thee?



  1. 1. Cheers!! I love when you grab those snappy shoes for cheap. . .I have a great pair of Chines Laundry I got for $11 at Ross. They rock!!!

    2. Cheers!! “Caucasian-in-a-glass”? That’s some funny $hit! I had fun with the denotation and then the little ethnic snob in me started thinking started playing with the definitions of Caucasion. . .

    3. Jeers!! to not being born with the natural ability to pull off 4″ heels without killing myself. . .”Ahhh, it’s cute that you are a little klutzy”–Not when it’s my big girl butt crahing on the tile. . .

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