Posted by: fireweaver | June 25, 2007

bit too much yang in my yin

this whole weekend was a very pinch-of-salt-in-the-sugarbowl sort of non-event.

i got the shrubbery (haha) in the front yard all trimmed up, so it looks like a sane person lives here rather than a crazy cat lady recluse. you can actually walk up to the front door without getting snagged by an overzealous little rosebush or the holly-ish hedge on the left. in doing so, i managed to give myself and then tear open a delightful blister on the underside of my right middle finger, so it rubs up against anything i try to pick up.

i got the aquarium cleaned out & refilled, so you can listen to the tv without the sound of a waterfall in the living room. i even got to see the kuhli loach for the first time in, oh, nearly a year – yes, the same kuhli that i bought when i originally set up that tank years ago at Kerry’s old apartment – and he’s huge (well, huge for an itty bitty loach anyway) and just gorgeous. Admiral Akbar, however, who was just fine friday, was sent to a watery grave sunday.

i finished a couple of books this weekend, some of which being my refresher re-read of the 5th & 6th harry potter books, and you know? i’m actually all excited about that 5th movie. the trailers look really good. and yeah, i cried again at the end of that 6th book, so i’m all hyped for the last one. of course, the reason i got in so much reading is that my dvd player decided that it didn’t want to read discs ever again, 14 minutes into a new movie.

all this stuff, you’ll note, happens to be a list of quiet, solitary activities. it was a weekend sans wine tastings or farmers’ markets with the peeps, or social interactions in general. even when i got called in this weekend, the on-duty tech had plenty of stuff to do after we repaired the monkeyfight crisis, so there was no post-work sunday brunch. yes, after endless headless-chicken-style weekends, i probably did need some time to unwind, and all the housekeeping things really did need to be acomplished, but i was getting a little stir crazy after a while (oh, yay, broken dvd player = excuse to troll circuit city. 🙄 ). but the lamest part of the story? the utter dearth of things going on in the CL personals. apparently, whatever particular deity is responsible for karma balance in the universe is letting me know that i’ll be paying for that gentle-but-firm it’s-not-you-it’s-me email. more than the usual percentage of the ads were utterly not promising, and of the ones that were, every single one of them had some bit about “must be fit” or “hwp, please” or just balls-out “no bbw’s”. apparently, these guys had been flamed over their words in the past, because plenty followed that declaration with a defensive/apologetic “it’s just my preference,” but still. if we go with the pagan law of karma – that which you do is returned to you threefold – well, since i turned down mr.unattractive for this past weekend, i’ll be spending the next 3 warming the bench. i would really like to discuss the situation with the tally-maker here, since there’s got to be some time off for good behavior points earned for not yanking any poor over-eager clingy guys around longer than necessary. but until then, sigh, it’s gonna be a long 3 weekends.


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