Posted by: fireweaver | June 26, 2007

good use of your “potential jail time” kids

in yet another example of how passion does not = big brain power, or how if the crazy animal rightist ALFies actually wanted to change the world instead of just make a loud noise they’d be doing something more constructive, we have yet another vandalization.

apparently, some of those wacky kids felt the need to hurl a cinderblock through the storefront of “Linda’s Fashions and Fur Salon” in PA…only poor ol’ linda hasn’t been selling fur at all there for the past 20 years. oh, go you guys. way to make nice with people who already did what you wanted them to, before you felt the need to ask so nicely.

and of course, jerry vlasak, world’s biggest jerk-off and “press officer” for the ALFies, who says, “I don’t know anything firsthand about what goes on at Linda’s Fashions and Fur Salon,” goes on to condemn and blame the store over their choice of name. if they weren’t being evil, they wouldn’t have that name, right? vlasak was certainly unprepared to admit his cronies were bozos, since it’s so “unlikely someone would risk jail time without doing a little research.”  surely it has nothing to do with this being a well-established family-owned business that didn’t want to change the name when the scope of the business shifted.

morons. ranks right up there with the tale last winter of how peta wouldn’t help distribute feed to colorado cattle trapped up-mountain during a blizzard, since “In six months they’re going to be killed and end up on someone’s plate.”



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