Posted by: fireweaver | July 1, 2007


sometimes, i don’t have full-on chapters for that “adventures in online dating” book i’ll be writing, but i still end up with some nuggets that’ll perhaps end up as footnotes in the “wha??” and “assholes i’ve known” chapters.

case one:  early last week, there’s a brief but witty ad posted on CL seeking a chick for some dinner & a game of pool, “i promise to make you laugh.”  something about the wording is amusing, so i ask for a re-schedule, since i’m busy for the proposed tuesday.   he writes back, how bout friday? and includes a rather adorable pic of himself with a baby bunny “rescued from my cat.”  i send him my pic back, tell him that friday is fine, that i see through his clever ploy to make himself cuter via baby animals, and say that i have to ask what became of said bunny, due to professional vet interest.  he replies back with a terse “had to let the bunny go, cat wouldn’t stop trying to play with it,” and i’ve heard nothing from him since.  apparently, vets are way scary & intimidating.

case two:  whilst running around with Vi & Bruce today (thank god that karma thing’s relaxed enough this weekend that i can have company if not romance), i realize i’ve missed a few calls.  the first is just Vivian clarifying driving directions (she found the place whilst leaving the message), but the second is an utterly unexpected one from a random bozo from a few months ago.   this was that goofy guy that called and called for months before getting around to actually *doing* anything, and then we had the one date wherein he was fun but too grope-y, and a horrible kisser, all of which ended the following weekend when he called me late the evening we’d made tenative plans to get together and he got bent out of shape & hung up on me when i wasn’t amused at being his 11pm booty call after he got home from the bar that night.  message went something along the lines of, “hi there, we haven’t talked in a while, so i was just wondering what you were up to” etc etc.  well, i’m thinking, we haven’t talked in a *couple of months* because you were amazingly rude, so…  now, i’m pondering the debate about calling or not.  it might be fun to say, “oh, hey, have you finally gotten over yourself?”



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