Posted by: fireweaver | July 3, 2007

october might be interesting

my buddy Chris emailed me a trailer today for some flashy action movie coming out in october.  based on the imdb buzz that it’s being rushed from start of filming to the screen in a mere 6 months, yeah, it’s probably just a big dumb loud shoot-em-up.  but damn if this isn’t one of the prettiest bits of advertising we’ve seen since ‘300’s trailer.

and whilst perusing the “coming soon” list for october, oh, look, the sequel for ‘elizabeth‘, ‘the golden age‘ has a release date (amusingly, the same one as for ‘hitman’ up there), and a trailer that gave me goosebumps.  same stuff rehashed over again?  prolly.  but i’m a total sucker for period costume dramas, and ‘elizabeth’ was about the best one of those ever.


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