Posted by: fireweaver | July 6, 2007

shhh, don’t tell geico

you know when you renew/start your insurance policy for your car, they ask you how much you typically drive the thing around? well, i only live a few miles from work, so my answer’s always pretty small there. i was driving off last night, when i noticed that my oil change was just barely overdue by mileage, but that i still had a month to go by date. uh oh, apparently hooker-dancin’ all the way out in arundel mills (35 miles out) weekly is taking it’s toll. not to mention the b’more hikes i’ve put on the car every day this week.

tuesday, a few peeps from the johnny-h were getting together at los amigos to celebrate Becky’s escape from the madness of the mouse lab for the madness of being a high school teacher. since we didn’t have to be at work wednesday, of course it seemed perfectly reasonable to hare off to b’more for dinner. besides, that offered an opportunity to pop in to beltway liquor right quick, since an exhaustive search of every damn liquor store in the county (ok, just the ones near work & home) has failed to provide some of the delicious unfiltered sake that we fell in love with back in st.louis a couple of years ago.

wednesday was of course the 4th of july, and Trish’s neighborhood has been putting on one of the best local fireworks demonstrations anywhere for many a year now. so, off to b’more once more. with Vi & Justin piled in, we attempted to make it onto her street, only to find neighborhood entrance blocked off with a cop car and a row of cones. we ended up needing to use the county map to navigate through her twisty old streets, and then find a parking place a half-mile down from her house. yeah, the explosions from the fullerton elementary school really are that popular. a good time was had by all, catching up with old buds and cracking up with Trish’s childhood pals, ignoring the drizzle going on outside. little cracks were coming from all over the area, the way they do on the 4th with kids setting fire to anything they can get their paws on, when we heard a series of much larger booms. apparently, though it was at least a half hour until dark, it was fireworks time, in a desperate bid to beat the coming storm. everyone boiled out of the house to join the hordes trotting down the street, since apparently nobody was informed of the change in start times. and magically, just as the last of the fireworks were done, the sky opened up and drenched us on the short walk home. all we needed was some local garage band to make it the bawlmer version of woodstock.

i’d filled up the car that afternoon before leaving, and reset the odometer. looking down at it as i got back towards home, it was reading 100miles. oh. this explains both my credit card bills and my oil change necessity.

last night, Amanda & I headed off to the gym for the late class. the chick that teaches the last one tuesdays & thursdays is just amazing. starts off with this slow, relaxed warm up, and only gradually ramps up the pace, proceeding to very slowly beat the crap out of you. i love waking up with that sore & tired but limber & stretched out feeling the next am.

en route to the gym, Diana called to ask if i was going to the little italy film fest friday. can’t say no to a picnic of wine & cheese & ‘moonstruck’ on the street, so there’s another trip in store today.  and Di & co are heading off to the gym saturday, so my flabby butt will most likely feel the need to shake it again.  and Mike came back from africa this week, so a theoretical sailing trip launching from way over in severna is in the works for sunday.

i’m officially done bitching about karmic payback and lonely weekends.


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