Posted by: fireweaver | July 11, 2007

what’s love got to do with it?

there’s an article on ‘psych today’ that snarkily points out some explanations of basic human behavior that all get back to how our sex drive makes us politically incorrect animals.  it’s like the aesop’s fables of biology, with the wolf in sheep’s clothing being the horny teenager in computer genius glasses.  similarly, the recent data proves one of those for-granted truisms, namely that chicks dig muscles.

the whole concept of evolutionary psych is that those mysterious urges and unfathomable actions we’re all subject to are actually manifestations of behaviors that evolved there for a reason.  much like attempts at dog training that center around talking to the dog as if we’re all fellow pack members, if we can figure out the reproductive advantage to doing something, then we can decipher why in the hell people feel the need to do it.  i’m now busily theorizing why my dad feels the need to pay his taxes at least 9 months late every year, and what that has to do with his personal evolutionary advantages (based on the yelling that went on when i was a kiddo when it was revealed that a sizable refund had been squandered into late payments, i think we can safely discredit a procrastination = more sex theory).

my artist’s soul wants to rail about rising above our baser instincts, to sculpt like Rodin or bring sexy back like j.t., but doesn’t that all just reaffirm the sublimating-desire-into-activity hypothesis?  the biologist’s brain, ever practical though, tells me to just catalogue the various idiosyncratic activities to be utilized as needed later in those plots for world domination.


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