Posted by: fireweaver | July 13, 2007

punkedy kids @ the senator

once upon a time, i went with some friends to the senator to see the 3rd harry potter movie. partway through, at a slower quieter part of the movie, the emergency exit door bursts open to slam against the wall and this baltimore hood-rat girl appears to scream, “fuck you harry potter bitches!!!” before running away. definitely one of the most surreally hilarious moments ever.

i’m sitting in the senator last night with Vi & Justin and a packed house to watch the 5th hp flick, and these horrible little tweeners sitting behind us will not. shut. the. fuck. up. eventually, i snap a chip, and turn around and whisper/shout, “could you discuss that later at home, because that’d be cool.” and they were closer to silent for the rest of the flick. as credits are rolling, and people are filing out, our talky princess comes back to start what i’m sure she thought was going to be a funny little tirade of “look, that was really rude…” when she gets a withering glance ™ and a “oh, fuck off you little twit” before i turn back to finish the convo with Vi. a few seconds later, she bellows, “yeah, well fuck off lady!” i find it **hilarious** that i’m now old enough to be “lady” in the theater instead of “you bitch”.

i recently re-read the 5th & 6th books to review for the movie and the upcoming 7th book, and wow, it was a good thing i did. the 5th book is about the time that the author just gives up on the idea that any new readers are starting out, and dispenses with the back-plot exposition. the movie isn’t much different, launching right on into the story without any kind of intro as to who these people are. apparently, if you’re not keeping up, don’t bother jumping in here. this movie, like the 4th one, serves as a quick visual plot summary of a very (justifiably) lengthy book, though it does a much better job of catching the spirit of the whole thing. several changes, of course, are made to the mechanics of the story, and a couple of them were for the better. a death scene for a key character in the book is a vague thing (basically, he simply falls down), such that even our intrepid harry has to go ask someone else if there’s any chance of him coming back later. there’s a much more solid and final big moment of death on film, which immediately outraged the people sitting next to me, but which i thought was an improvement. imelda staunton caught the spirit of her character wonderfully, but the much-vaunted casting of helena bonham carter as bellatrix lestrange didn’t amount to much more than a total 3 minute cameo. while the other 2 have settled into their roles nicely, daniel radcliffe comes off as just a hair too *built* in several scenes (check out those corded neck muscles), so i kept being skeeved out by that whole nekkid-in-equus thing. so, eh, it gets a pass. better than the 4th by a good deal, certainly fun, but i never completely lost myself in it, so it’s a bit mechanical.  maybe i just need to see it somewhere else without the running whispered commentary in the background, or maybe i’m too busy finding inadvertent hilarity about it all.



  1. There is something about kids these days……..Were we ever that bad? Or are we just getting older and forgetful?

    Read my blog….
    Give me a call sometime…..

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