Posted by: fireweaver | July 15, 2007

communing with nature

saturday afternoon, i get a call from our guy of last weekend, saying that he had to dj at his regular saturday night gig, but was i free for the afternoon?  since i’d inadvertently lost the info for a friend’s party early that evening, yes, i was.

my picnic blanket & i hopped into his well-stocked (cheese & fruit & french bread) car, and we flew off to great falls park.  i’d never heard of the place, much less been there, and it was amazing.   we found a spot off of a kayak-launch trail to set the blanket out, and proceeded to lounge around watching kayakers, kids fishing, great blue herons, ginormous pincered beetles, the wind in the trees, and those gorgeous glacial rock formations.  he’s batting 1.000 as far as picking locations goes.  the only downside is that he’s more than a little grabby, and at times i’m feeling like a catholic schoolgirl defending my virtue.  “damn i hate your bra rules!”  i roar with laughter.  partly, it’s my personal conviction about not starting any fires i have no intent to extinguish, partly, it’s that i’m just not into it yet, but either way, i’m not the type to stare bored up at the ceiling (tree branches) just to let him get his grope on.  we did have a great time, though.  he was supposed to be at the club at 9.45, and we didn’t even make it back to his place until then.  “screw them anyway, i’d rather stay with you.”  😉

afterwards, i headed up to Lisa’s house (i was double-booked saturday, and i still had the info for her overnight fire & camping soirée) and regaled random strangers with the fun tale of why i was late.  the food was great, and everyone professed undying love for my having brought s’more makings (which, yes, are as delightful as i remember ’em from girl scout camp long long ago).  i sat down in a chair arranged with its fellows around a firepit out front of the house, and spent most of the night listening to this utterly gorgeous young thing of a guitarist strum his way through his acoustic prog-rock stylings.  if he can find a good vocalist to match the charm & skill of his playing, the world’s his oyster.

today was the second trip of the year out on the sailboat (check out this fun pic from the  first time they won the constellation cup with her), and wow, what a great day out.  the sky was perfect and the wind was high, so we were tearing along the bay canted over at an angle steep enough to run with the deck dipped into the water the whole way out.  the return trip was more vertical, but just as zippy.  i’m utterly exhausted and still smell faintly of sunscreen even after my shower, and the whole world is gently sloshing side-to-side while i try to type.

sigh (of a big contented sort).  this is one of those times where i’ll be needing my work-week to take a break from my weekends.



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