Posted by: fireweaver | July 23, 2007

childhood’s end

alrighty, it’s done.  i magically managed to hack through the entire book without any spoilers dropping my way – so i’m not going to screw things up for other people.  generalities only:

jeebus x, it’s a bloodbath!  at first, it was all kinds of fun to realize that every single minor character from 5000 pages was going to pop in to take a bow (and yes, all those cameos were sensibly worked in, not just gratuitous “hey it’s that guy from book 2!” moments).  but then the attrition rate for those secondary characters never showed any signs of slowing down.  i got all kinds of weepy upset over one of the most obnoxious characters in the book.

which is to say, well written, Jo.

after watching a handful of different directors have a go at these (especially with the latest so fresh in mind), it seems inevitable not to read them with camera directions running through your head.  cedric’s death at the end of book 4 was harsh enough, but these last 2 books?  it hits like a ton of bricks as written, but to film with the same intensity, they’d be stretching PG-13 territory.

lastly, closest thing to a spoiler in here: wtf was up with the uber-cheesy epilogue?  it was jarring to spend 2.5+ books mired in a near-hopeless war against evil and then *poof*, we’re all in candy land.



  1. I had major beef with the epilogue as well. She has a brilliantly written last line .. she should have just left it at that.

  2. Man o man! CANDYLAND!!! You ruined it for me!!! That’s it, I am not even opening up the book!

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