Posted by: fireweaver | July 26, 2007

nerddate! no.1

be careful what you wish for because you just may get it, or you reap what you sow, or ask and ye shall receive: damn if that didn’t work out just fine. if i ever find myself in this situation again, i’m just re-posting the exact text of that personals ad, being ever so pleased with the results from last night.

yes, i went on NerdDate! number one last night (i’m not a scientist but i play one on tv – he works with grant management on campus). from our original double-handful, i’ve been actively communicating (rather, trying to…my email account has been all screwed up, which is really NOT conducive to getting to know someone) with about 4 or so, and everyone’s getting their uniquely identifying title. this one is “the hottest nerd” cuz, girls, he’s a cutie. we met up outside the bar/restaurant a few blocks from the theater, and though he was of a more wiry build than the pics suggested, they were pleasantly accurate: dark hair, a goatee, and striking blue eyes all rather reminiscent of a certain ex of mine.

after sitting down at the table, getting round one of drinks, and determining that we were here for both eating and drinking, we launched right into a conversation that didn’t let up until i had to go catch the last train out of the station. partway through his dinner, a glance at his cell phone revealed we only had 10 minutes to dash to the theater, and we mutually decide to bag it in favor of the storytelling. “this never happens on a first date” he says. we traded tales of family wackiness, friends from the homeland (both of us have a handful of good friends that randomly moved up here at the same time as we each did), and h.s. band-nerdiness (“hmmm, you were definitely a trumpet player,” i guessed. “what’s even more obnoxious than trumpet players?” “nothing is a more brassy little twit than first chair trumpet with his solo.” “oh, yeah? what about when they promote first chair trumpet to drum major.”) inevitably, we had to move on to sci-fi pursuits, and i actually generated a stunned moment of silence when he was mentioning that the movie version of ‘starship troopers‘ is rather lame on its own, and then we said in unison, “but it rocks if you read the book first.” between all that and a well-timed “nobody expects the spanish inquisition” moment, i had him in my evil clutches. yes, kids, it was exactly that geeky. utterly delightful.

a quick glance at my phone told me we had less than 30 minutes to get the check & fly out of there before the last train pulled out towards my stop. i discovered the fly in the ointment – he’s a smoker – but he was done by the time i made it outside after a quick pit stop. he walked me to my platform, and we crammed another 20 minutes worth of interrogation into the 10 minutes waiting for that last red line to roll in. “i love that your train is taking forever,” he said before leaning in to continue a kiss that definitely included that sensation of ignition.

i’ve found out what i was missing on all the previous bozos, since i’m not as aloof and cold with this one…given some time and a few more nights like that one, i actually could fall for this guy.

i almost want to cancel NerdDate! no.s 2 & 3.


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