Posted by: fireweaver | July 26, 2007

nerddate! no.2: CANCELLED

because not all things are rosy and lovely.

i’m chatting with candidate no.2 mere moments ago, with whom i had a lunch date tomorrow, and he drops everyone’s fave bomb “btw, guess i should tell you, i’m married.”


are you serious!?

this guy’s title was “cleverest nerd”, and he’d quite easily won the award for best text-based interactions.  i’ve just wasted a pair of perfectly charming afternoons im’ing along with him, and was really looking forward to seeing if the quips & simpatico would fly along at as good a clip in person.  what a goddamned shame.  thanks for the heads-up before i met you, guy, but all the “i know, i suck, i’m sorry” in the world doesn’t make up for your being an utter bozo.



  1. That just goes to show you that, yes, every moron and their mother-in-law can have access to the internet.

    Sorry 😦

  2. oh wow.. at least he told you so you could kick him to the curb before you got emotionally invested. Loser.

    Sounds like you had a GREAT date with nerd #1, though. If they don’t run after band camp stories.. you’ve hit a winner ! 😉

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