Posted by: fireweaver | July 31, 2007

“are you high?!”

Patty’s plane came in late friday night, which worked out well, since when am i not running late?  after making it back to my house, we ended up chatting like old gossip biddies until 3 in the morning, when her west coast time finally told her it was time to crash.

the whole weekend was peppered with Patty musing about her new job possibilities (she gets out of the army in less than a year) and me musing about new relational possibilities (see previous posts).  she’d been telling a tale early in the weekend about some ridiculous statement by an authority figure expecting something loony, punctuated at the end with her mental shouting at the guy, “are you HIGH?!” i haven’t heard anyone use that phrase in a good long time, and for some reason the way she said it was hilarious, so that was our theme for the weekend.
saturday, we started off with “traditional chinese breakfast”.  i was totally unaware that dim sum came in different varieties, but this restaurant specializes in “northern style”, which included a good number of things i’d never had before.  it was all super tasty (though the ‘thousand layer pancake’ was too plain on its own, and markedly improved when they brought me a teeny dish of a very thin peanut sauce), and there were definitely some things i’d want to try again.  i’ve **got** to haul Vivian down here for this.

that evening was Larry’s housewarming party, so i collected the newest vet here (Jen) to introduce her to all the wacky army vets.  it turned out to be a small world – several people were former employees of my company, and one had attended some training seminars with our enrichment specialists.  Bruce’s mojito recipe worked magic on everyone, and we had to send a guy out for a rum-run when i killed the 1.3 liters that had been laying around the place.  the secret ingredient is coconut soda for the mixer, which is sweeter than tonic/soda water, but nowhere near as sweet as you would expect.  i drink this stuff all the time anyway, but it’s pure genius in the drinks.   at some point, Larry’s buddy from when they were both stationed in saudi busted out a hookah, after which the whole house smelled like melted chocolate.  still didn’t feel the need to smoke, but wow, the aroma was indeed amazing.  as a special added bonus, there was a flurry of sweet text-messages from mr.nerdhottie to make me giggle with the girls while i was mixing drinks.

the rest of the weekend was pretty low-key, Patty relaxing before her seminar (she was in town to speak at a lab animal conference about board-prep strategies) and ranting hugely after it (apparently, the kids at the seminar were surprised that it actually takes a pantsload of work to get through that damn test).  we grilled some steaks, kicked back some really good wine,  and watched ‘clerks‘.

she was off on the metro to the airport this am, with a wish for mutual luck for both of us.  someday, she’ll have a job that doesn’t blow, and i’ll have someone to keep me amused.  in the interim, we’re trying to avoid those high bastards.


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