Posted by: fireweaver | August 1, 2007

things PhDs do when they’re bored

there’s a reason i do drug and vaccine research:  when you talk about it later, it sounds like you’re doing something practical and worthwhile with your time.  alternately, brought to you by the office of “duh, didn’t we already know that?” comes this study on ‘why humans have sex‘.  seriously.  if you want the quickie commentary on it, here goes.

apparently, we’re all pretty much the same regarding gender motivations for screwin’, in that we like to bust out with the wild thing because we find someone attractive and because sex feels good… go fig, everybody actually likes sex.  in the specifics, though, the boys are more likely to focus on looks & opportunity (e.g., ‘she’s hot’ or ‘the person was available’), while us girls like to express love via knocking boots.  as an added surprise, apparently “hormones run rampant” in the college-aged set.

i’m really glad to have that all cleared up.   there’s boatloads of t-tests & statistical tom foolery in there, so you know it’s super-science-y (Lynn, please feel free to comment on the in/appropriate use thereof).  i think i’ll put in a grant to see why people eat food.  i’m predicting “because i was hungry” and “it was just laying there in the pantry,” but hey, you never really know until you ask 1500 college students and call a statistician.


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