Posted by: fireweaver | August 5, 2007

when i grow up

Vivian managed to close on her new house a week early, so she’d managed to slowly chip away at the majority her painting-project by the time i showed up saturday am to finish the one last room. it’s a cute place in a rather decent neighborhood, and i don’t know if it was the years of being stashed in non-modifiable rental housing or my speechifying about how “nature abhors a white wall,” but that girl’s got A++ colors all through the place.

when we finished up the last bit of touch-ups in “the grey room,” we rolled off to a party given by another of the vets at her office.  Jane lives about an hour out from Vi’s house, a good 20+ minutes into pennsyltucky.  the drive up there is a gorgeous slalom through tree-lined hills, and Jane’s farmstead is an amazing 200 year old house on a handful of rolling acreage.  there were picnic tables covered in crab-print paper set up in the yard, and coolers of wine and beer and sodas to go with the big table full of picnic fare.  Vivian cracked everyone up with the way she meticulously rinsed off the crabs before sitting down to eat them (i quite agree with her…the heavy coating of old bay steamed on there is enough to make your eyes bleed).  the place had a great laid-back feel, probably because everyone had brought a friend/spouse/kid or two, so we were all loosely connected but new to each other.

after most of us had left food behind for chatter (antiques shopping, wacky client tales, a renewal of the pop music rankings from Beth’s memorial day bbq), Jane took us all over to meet her horses.  she has 3 thoroughbred mares with a foal each in the front pasture, with plans to put the babies in race training next spring.  they all quite eagerly jogged up to the crowd when we started tossing out sweetfeed in the buckets, each one of those foals more adorable than the other.  most people were hanging back outside the rails to watch, but i’m just not able to pass up an opportunity to say hi, especially not to the little ones.  all the old tricks still work just fine; most horses will come right up to you if you stand the right way, hold your hand just so, use that tone of voice.  one particularly adventurous kidlet ducked right through the rails and came running up and immediately latched onto me as someone who looked like i knew what i was doing.  we had a little round of “how to not get kicked in the head 101”, and everyone left the pasture happy & uninjured (no mean feat when you add a 5 year old to 6 high-blooded racehorses jumping around).

later, Vi told me in the car on the way home that she hadn’t known i was that into horses.  oh yes, m’dears, it was all much like taking someone who’d really wanted to be an astronaut as a child to cape canaveral for a shuttle launch.  at 3, when i first decided i was going to be a vet, the plan was most definitely to play with ponies all day long.  at some point, i of course wised up and abandoned that plan, but now it’s a lot like being a zoo vet:  while i wouldn’t want to have to do it all day, it’s sure fun to play now and again.

apparently, i really need to acquire some acreage of my own.  or just find an affordable stable somewhere around me.


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