Posted by: fireweaver | August 20, 2007


i don’t think of myself as having an addictive personality.  oh, i’ll go on little kicks for things, where i toss all the obscure films from a favorite actor on my netflix queue, or play speed tournaments for a weekend at a time, or scoop up a handful of charmingly rustic ceramics from uruguay.  but after a short, intense burst of activity, i get it out of my system, and whatever i was hung up on becomes an occasional thing instead of a daily fix.  i was dead convinced that i didn’t have a daily jones for anything.

but you know what?  i do.  let’s all ponder together where the netflix movies and the card games and the ebay knick-knacks come from:  the internet.  that, my friends, is apparently my daily, frequent addiction.   for some reason, i’m ok without it for a couple of days at a conference or on vacation, where i don’t expect to have any net access, but other than that, it’s a necessity.

i know this now because work has been sans e-functionality for 2 days straight (plus the weekend).  for some reason, it’ll blink back on for less than 45 seconds, allowing you to get one or two of your email messages, if you have outlook express open at all times.  it all promptly shuts down again afterwards, though, making it impossible to reply to those few tantalizing letters, and mocking you with only brief glimpses of the frontpage to any online-based email programs.  i feel especially bad for the night/weekend security guards, whose job basically amounts to screwing around on the web in between walking rounds through the building.  productivity is at a real minimum (kind of hard to communicate with the client when you can’t, well, communicate).

if anyone starts getting lengthy, rambling phone calls from me tomorrow, it’s just me checking that the rest of the world is still out there.



  1. we had internet go down for nearly three weeks at work last year. I nearly went insane. what else am I supposed to do between patients ?

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