Posted by: fireweaver | August 29, 2007

ray of sunshine

so, lately, things just suck. full of bad news – not like my house is in the middle of Darfur bad, but still. example (TMI theater follows…skip to next paragraph if you hate this stuff): i’m switching off of my decade-long pill prescription to an IUD, which necessitates a referral from my regular nurse practitioner to an ob/gyn specialty practice…so this exercise is, in total, requiring ****4**** f’ing visits to various offices. as in, i’m paying for the 5 years worth out of this thing up front.

my finances have taken a huge turn for the worse this month, with a pile of unexpected large bills all showing up at once, which i guess just happens every year on the anniversary of one’s house purchase. the car insurance guys want the next 6 months of hope-you-don’t-need-it coverage. there’s a totally random bill from a collection agency that’s shown up for a $600 parking ticket…apparently recieved in early 2004, that i’ve never seen before. originally just a $40 ticket, for parking on some street i’ve never heard of, the notices were being sent to the house in college station, and they’ve only just tracked me down now, 3 years later. obviously, all the “i swear i’ve never even seen this thing” is going to go over like so much b.s. with the city of b’more, but i’m hoping i can petition to have the late fees reduced. the pair of killers, though, are the county wanting $3k total for taxes, and the insurance people asking after their cash too.

but hark! when i called the insurance people about a question i had with the bill, they said it had been paid in full last month…apparently, that’s in the escrow of my mortgage payments. POOF! that’s a relief. but then, miracle of miracles, same thing happens when i call the county. i know, i know, everyone without their head up their butt would be aware that taxes & insurance are already taken care of, that being the sensible way of doing things. but that’s my *huge* sense of relief & elation for the day, and i’ll take all good news i can get.


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