Posted by: fireweaver | September 6, 2007

recap & recover

i’ve been a bit incommunicado for the past week, but sometimes you have to actually step away from the computer and go do that whole life thing.

Kara & her guy Ryan drove up here from florida to spend a long labor-day weekend relaxing & sight-seeing, and i think we did a pretty even split of each.

they got here saturday night, and of course like you do with old friends you haven’t seen in forever, we ended up talking until far later than any of us were usually up. considering that they hadn’t left FL until after work friday, tearing up 95 in less than a day and a half, we all slept in pleasantly late sunday. when we did get around to consciousness, it was just to kill some time loafing until we headed out to the boat for an evening sail. the wind was pretty light, more of a gentle push across the bay instead of a firm shove, but that was probably all for the best with people who’d never been on a sailboat before. still, even without the sharp zig-zag tacks, we were still exhausted by the time we got home, and it was time for another night of sleeping in deliciously late. everybody being off for the labor day holiday, i’d planned a cookout/medium-sized dinner party. after a fun time visiting the chimplets at work, we headed out to the asian market to get supplies for the grill. i had about 10 people over for steak & rockfish, and with the addition of my long-waited-for china chest, there were actually nearly enough seats around the table.

after 2 days of relaxation and casual cocktails (i’d told Kara the night that they rolled in that the whole trip was going to be pretty much just like college, only the late-night drinking would fuel bitch-fests about mortgage payments instead of philosophical comparative religious debates), it was time to get busy. tuesday am, we got up for brunch, and then headed off to the district. we hiked **all** the national monuments near the mall, going from washington to jefferson, all the way around the tidal basin to korea, lincoln, and vietnam, over to NAS to visit einstein, and around the ellipse to wave at the white house. after mustering the energy to collapse on the train home, we cleaned up a bit & rested before heading out to a lovely dinner at iron bridge. wednesday, it was time to put those hiking shoes back on and head out to the zoo. while some animals were disappointingly stealthed out(we’re talking to you, red pandas), the asian river otters were laying *right* up front, the sloth bears were determinedly trying to tear into an enrichment ball, and the antics of hordes of golden lion tamarins were of course adorable. we managed to do most of the zoo by lunchtime (bizarrely managed to find *uphill* pathways the whole time), and headed off to the am.indian museum for lunch before strolling around the botanical garden to digest. an hour and a half at natural history, and then back on the subway for rush hour and home.

for some reason, i kept thinking i’d run into mr.nerdhottie on the metro. probably for the same reason i avoid going to some bars in baltimore, dreading running into last summer’s infatuation. instead, mr.grabby showed up for a quick hello during his last station’s transit, and we had an amazingly non-awkward “hi, how are you.”

phew!  the craziness!

so, today, i slogged through the piles of email at work, took out 3 boxes worth of recycling (dear god, there were a lot of dead soldiers to take out from this week), and managed to get back on schedule. but for all the disruptions, i just love houseguests. there’s so much fun stuff to do around here, and i never head out to do it by myself. people show up, though, and i morph into some super tour guide, ready to entertain & direct traffic all day long.  i miss Kara & Ryan already, so guys, head on back whenever you can escape the palm trees.



  1. Yay visiting buddies!

    And I would have been so peeved about the Red Pandas, because those are my favoritest zoo beasties evah!

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