Posted by: fireweaver | September 9, 2007

adios, for a while

i’m out of here tomorrow am for the NHP models of AIDS meeting in monterey CA. i’m all giddy, because a)looks like a really good meeting and b)remember, i have this masterplan that involves getting old & rich so i can retire to monterey. it’s pushing midnight, so i guess it’s time to go pack & do all that planning stuff.

went out tonight to see ‘3.10 to yuma‘ with from friday night – there was an adorable im conversation yesterday that went something like “i know i’m breaking the 24 hour rule, but do you want to catch a movie sunday before you fly out of town?” – and i’m definitely thinking he’s just a non-pushy sort rather than a disinterested sort. watching a guy get around to making his move never fails to crack me up…this one was relatively smooth, and yes, i was grinning partway home. we’ll see how this goes.

the movie is really good, btw, chock full of people we love giving solid performances. russell crowe, christian bale, and ben foster *still* manage to be a pack of hotties, even when sweaty & dirty in their western mode. the score’s clunky in places, and gets to the point of distraction in a few of them. costumewhore gives this one a big thumbs-up.


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