Posted by: fireweaver | September 14, 2007

aaah, *that’s* why…

this time yesterday, i was flying up highway 1 out of monterey in a shiny silver new mustang convertible, with the top down & the sunshine shining, bouncin’ to some dre (i think the ONLY time anyone as white-bread as me can say that without irony or stupidity is along the coastal highway), heading back to the airport. it was one of those occasional shining moments in life where everything’s just aligned perfectly, and i was thinking, this is why i went to college.

the conference itself was good (day one’s program of virology & immunology was way too damn dense, but day two of pathology & vaccine work was great), and it’s always a fab idea to get a better grip on what exactly your investigators are working towards in their experiments. but as with most every conference, after you’ve been a good little worker bee and shown up when you’re supposed to for the talking, it’s all about the wonderful locations outside the lecture hall.

i’d gotten that wonderful car because (swear to god, i’m not making this up) it was $75 cheaper for the week than the least expensive econo-car on the list. since the weather was the perfect mix of seattle-grey in the am and desert-clear in the afternoons, obviously, we needed to take advantage of the time in the sun. tuesday afternoon, we took in the 17 mile drive to snap the requisite pics of the lone cypress tree and get that reminder of why i’m going to retire to monterey/carmel when i’m old & rich. after we got back, the concierge gave us a great recommendation to where the locals grab their seafood. though there were no tasty oysters to be had (apparently, there’s some red tide on the upper west coast just now), the wine list was great, and so was the food.

wednesday night, there was a conference banquet at the monterey bay aquarium that made the entire trip absolutely worth it. there were tables set up all along the viewing area for the enormous “outer bay” tank and near brightly-lit cobalt blue jellyfish tanks. the food was really good, especially considering it was a mass-service buffet type dinner, and the tiny bite-sized desserts were especially fun (i’m especial fond of getting to try one morsel of everything). pics are up, if you’d like to see the rest of the 17 mile drive and the aquarium.

my flight got in thursday night/friday am at 1.15, so my brains were melting out of my head after a short 2ish hours of sleep before work. i’m much better after a nap, but thank god there’s the weekend to recover.

man, i wanted to drive that car home.


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