Posted by: fireweaver | September 19, 2007

misandry? nah, just stick to misanthropy.

yesterday, i stumbled across a recent pair of editorials in the WSJ detailing how apparently society trains kids to be fearful of all males. turns out that john walsh (the ‘america’s most wanted’ missing-children guy) recommends that everyone stick to only female babysitters, most airlines will only place kiddos traveling alone with female passengers, and the VA dept of health used an otherwise sweet photo of the joined hands of a man and child as an anti-child abuse advertisement. kids who are lost or need help for whatever reason are being trained to only go to “safe” women, since obviously chicks never hurt people.

oh but wait. there’s a horror story going on in WV right now about a woman who was kidnapped and tortured in some hilbilly shack by 6 people…an even 3 of which are female. and yes, the women participated in the sexual assault of this person.  so, once again, asshole comes in every sex, every race, every religion, every country, ever division we claim.  rah fucking rah for the human species.



  1. See, I hate the opposite message – that all women are nothing but “womb”en who live to babysit and take care of random children.

    I can’t tell you the number of times someone has asked me to watch their complete stranger child “just for a second” or I’ve been asked to sit next to some unaccompanied brat on a plane just because I”m a woman. I hate kids. I really hate strange kids. And there is no guarantee that I”m not some sort of Chesterette Molester anyway. It’s all stupid.

  2. yeah,
    there is a sick story about a woman who torched her 3 kids in Dallas ’cause she was mad at their dad?! the youngest died (3yrs) and the other 2 are still in critical condition – the woman is going to jail unless the inmates kill her first, hopefully they will.

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