Posted by: fireweaver | October 1, 2007

apparently, no.

Christine asked after the last post whether i thought there was some concrete reason to actually have “The Talk” with someone who i was so obviously getting along with reasonably well.  a quick office poll tended towards yes…reality, though, not so much.

we’re snuggled up on saturday, chit-chatting before he headed out for some guy-bonding time with his buddies, and he says something about a tale he’ll be telling about his ‘friend or girlfriend or whatever.’  laughing, because the story was funny and because i genuinely couldn’t tell if this was an attempt at a dodge away from said Talk, i said, “oh-ho!  are we working on titles now?  i mean, there’s a good bit of difference between friends, significant others, and whatevers.”  he comes back with, “eh, i don’t think it really works like that, jumping between steps, today we’re ‘just friends’ and tomorrow we’re soulmates.  more like a sliding scale of equilibrium we’re moving along.  and i think we’re obviously past the ‘just friends’ point on that scale.”

that, i can live with.


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