Posted by: fireweaver | October 3, 2007

top 5 reminders list

hot on the heels about freaking out over lab accidents, we have today’s article about “the top 5 nastiest creatures getting stronger due to global warming.”  yes, due to the relative rarity of most of the afflictions detailed, it’s still some scaremongering-type reporting.  but this time, it’s a reminder that man & medicine have not conquered the world, and there’s a very real reason to keep studying the really bad bugs.

ps: anyone else think the super evil jellyfish is extra-adorable?  and thank fsm we only have to deal with brown recluse spiders instead of ones that hang out in your damn clothes waiting to bite you.



  1. One of my favorite profs was a parasitologist. He would regale us with stories of things that were out to kill us. I remember hearing about the brain eating amoeba from him. He also told us that if most people knew what was in the world, they’d never leave the house (until they found out what was in the house).

    As for those little buggers? I’m just a misanthropist who is happy that the flesh eating bacteria is now out to get more people besides my warm-living on the Gulf Coast ass.

    Oh, and I’ve got half a dozen people out with dengue fever. Living in the “tropics” rocks! Now thanks to global warming, everyone can join in!

  2. God finds a way to weed out the unworthy. We cure a cancer, a deadly bug gets a new survival ability. The balance is restored.

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